Organic Beauty Supports More Wildlife & Biodiversity

Choosing organic supports more wildlife

Choosing organic beauty isn’t just about the benefits you get for your skin and wellbeing… it’s also about supporting sustainability, wildlife and diversity.

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Organic farms have up to 50% more wildlife

Certified organic farms have up to 50% more wildlife and are home to 30% more species of wildlife on average than non-organic farms. 🦋 Organic farming is a system – governed by legal standards, and regularly and independently inspected – that produces ingredients in ways that benefit people, animals, wildlife, society and the natural world. No other defined system of farming and ingredient production comes close to delivering such a breadth of benefits.

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What do pollinators do?


Wildlife declines…

🐝 Over 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered.

🐝 We are losing insects eight times faster than mammals, birds and reptiles. 😳

🐝 The world’s insects are being lost at 2.5% a year.

🐝 A major global report states that insects could vanish within a century. 😭

🐝 Intensive farming is the main cause of insect decline – particularly the heavy use of pesticides.🤬

🐝 41% of Britain’s wildlife species have declined since 1970 and more than one in ten are currently facing extinction. Intensive farming practices have been identified as the primary drivers of these declines. 🇬🇧😢

(Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuys (2019) Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers. Biological Conservation, 232, 8-27)

The importance of pollinators

When you choose certified organic beauty, you’re choosing nature, health and a future.


The importance of pollinators

Mumanu’s entire range of organic beauty products are certified organic with Soil Association and contain certified Fairtrade ingredients. You can by them through our website or via Amazon UK. 

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