MUMANU’s Top 5 Massage Tips For The Best Massage Ever

Being stress awareness month, for a few more hours at least, I thought I’d share with you my secrets to giving the best massage ever. These are my best massage tips that should never be underestimated!

Anyone can give an awesome massage when they know these basic massage tips…

Massage Tip #1. Effleurage…

In my experience (nearly 20 years as a professional massage therapist), effleurage is THE best technique you can use and the most underutilised. ‘Effleurage’ is French for stroking. You probably already do the technique where you use the flat of your palms and glide up the back, around the shoulders and back down the sides. Done well, it’s divine! ❤️

You can use any pressure your partner wants with this technique. Firmer pressure can be achieved by putting the emphasis on the heel of your hand.

The trick with effleurage is to make it flow. Keep the same speed going all the way… slow and steady will induce more relaxation. Fast stroking at any point will stimulate the brain.

Mumanu's Massage Tips

Massage Tip #2. Pressure…

Remember, this is not your massage but your partner’s. It’s important to get the pressure correct for what they’re comfortable with. If you’re going lightly and they still feel it’s too much, ease off even more. Everyone’s muscles are different and can feel pain when others might not. Strong pressure comes from using the weight of your body, by leaning in, rather than the strength in your hands. Make sure your nails are short and there’s no sharp bits.

Massage Tip #3. Stay Connected…

Slowly put your hands on your partner, hold there before doing anything. Once your hands are on, don’t let go! It’s not relaxing to have hands jumping around in a massage. It stimulates the brain. This is one of the reasons why I love using the Mumanu Massage & Body Balms so much. You can apply them without taking both hands off and without spillage. A great massage is all about the flow.

Mumanu's massage tips

Massage Tip #4. Keep it simple and repeat…

You don’t need lots of different techniques for an amazing massage, you just need to do them confidently. Use effleurage to connect one area to another. For example, if you’ve been massaging either side of the spine and want to then work on the neck and shoulders, do three or four rounds of effleurage before moving to the neck. When using a particular technique, do it three or four times.

Massage Tip #5. Don’t interrupt their silence…

It’s one of my pet peeves… when a therapist starts chatting to you as you’re trying to relax, talking about your muscles, asking you about your life. If the recipient is quiet, let them relax and enjoy. Before massaging my clients, I would tell them to let me know if they wanted me to change the pressure because I wouldn’t be asking. They can let you know. Just trust if they’re not saying anything, they’re happy. If they choose to chat, that’s cool too, but for the best massage ever, it’s not your job to interrupt. 🤫

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