Living A Holistic Lifestyle To Become A Better Version Of YOU!

Mumanu organic balms living a holistic lifestyle

Over the last two years, health, wellness and ‘holistic living’ have become trending buzz words in day-to-day life. Since 2020 the health conscious train doesn’t seem to be stopping, but what does it mean to live ‘holistically’ for our ‘wellbeing’?  Read on to find out the true meaning of a holistic lifestyle and what you can do to increase your sense of wellbeing and see positive changes in your life!


A holistic lifestyle is one led with intention to nourish the mind, body and soul for total wellness. A holistic lifestyle is a connected way of living that focuses on you as a whole, understanding how elements such as diet, sleep, exercise and habits are working together to impact your current state of being or ‘wellness’.

Studies show that several key areas of our lifestyle are considered dimensions of overall wellness. This includes; social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. Each one has an impact on your physical and mental health. By making simple and healthy choices daily, you can actively reduce stress, have positive social interactions and achieve optimal wellness.

Mumanu holistic lifestyle

Wellness refers to the state of being in good health, ‘an act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to develop better physical and mental health’. A holistic lifestyle for total wellbeing is a way of thinking rather than a rigid system to be followed. Everyone has a different definition of holistic and wellbeing and that’s okay!

MUMANU defines a holistic lifestyle as a chosen path of living that is ultimately about what works best for you to care for your entire self – Mind, body, emotions and soul.


With the emergence of COVID-19 people are becoming more aware of their health and wellness status due to stay at home mandates, losing jobs and trying their best to reduce transmissions of the virus.

Intentionally incorporating health and wellness activities into daily life has allowed people to see a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression. Through activities such as meditation, daily walks or simply just having a good old chinwag with a friend! Prioritising our health and wellness and leading a holistic lifestyle ultimately keeps us in the best condition to become the best version of ourselves.

Mumanu holistic lifestyle

It’s time to get out of survival mode and into the flow of wellness!

Tip: Start with small daily changes as new habits will not stick if you’re overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time, remember it’s a marathon not a race.



Connecting and socialising with loved ones can drastically improve our emotional and mental health which contributes to our total wellness. With COVID restrictions lifting in the UK, it’s much easier to get out and about to meet up with friends and family.

Why not go out for brunch or take a walk in the park?


The NHS says “exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had, but for too long we’ve neglected to take our recommended dose” our health and wellbeing is now suffering! Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy; as well as reducing the risk of stress, clinical depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Just 20 minutes of daily exercise can have a positive impact on your overall sense of wellbeing and drastically improve your mood due to natural release of endorphins. It is important to remember that exercise looks different to everyone, it doesn’t always have to involve weights and press ups!

Try a brisk walk, skipping, dancing or even yoga to get your body moving.


Have you ever felt sluggish after eating junk food? Research shows that what we consume can have a direct impact on our physical, mental and even emotional health. Following a healthy, and more importantly, a balanced diet, can lead to positive changes in your everyday life, ultimately improving your total state of wellbeing.

A balanced diet containing essential nutrients of carbs, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water provides you with more energy to power through your day. According to the 2001 ‘Proceeding of the Nutrition society’ review, a diet high in antioxidant vitamins, folate, vitamin B-12 and polyunsaturated fats can improve cognitive function.

Mumanu beauty starts from within

Positive nutrition changes for a holistic lifestyle:

Instead of a Pret croissant (we love them too), start your day off with a high energy fruit bowl containing strawberries, kiwi and blueberries.

Pack a sandwich or try a homemade pasta salad for lunch. Not only will you save money but you’ll feel better for eating healthier.

As a balanced dinner option: our go to is always steamed broccoli, brown rice with some well marinated tofu.


Sleep is as essential to our wellbeing as eating, drinking and exercising. When we sleep our bodies enter cellular repair mode and our brains process information and consolidate our memories. According to the Mental Health Organisation, sleep deficiency “is linked to physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.’

To set ourselves up for a better night of sleep, we need to be mindful of our ‘sleep hygiene’. Sleep hygiene refers to creating a suitable bedroom environment and evening routines that promote optimal, consistent and untreated sleep.

Sleep hygiene includes:

– Keeping a consistent sleep schedule, make sure you go to sleep at the same time every night!

– Follow a night time routine, clean pyjamas, dimmed lights and a good book 30 minutes before bedtime. Or try a relaxation technique such as meditation or breathwork to put you in the right mindset for bed.

Mumanu holistic lifestyle

Tip: Adding MUMANU Organic Lavender Massage and Body Balm to your evening routine will support feelings of relaxation and comfort, sending you off into a peace induced slumber!


Mindfulness involves a type of meditation that allows you to focus on being intensely focused  on the sensations and feelings you are experiencing in the present moment without judgement or negativity.

Mindful journaling is the act of examining your thoughts and feelings with honesty, which allows us to become more aware of what is in our head and hearts.

Asking yourself questions like “why do i feel this way” or simply writing down what you are grateful for are amazing opportunities to look within and become more aware of yourself.

Mumanu mindfulness

2022 is the year of health and wellbeing. With Covid-19 still looming, people’s mentality towards health and wellbeing is shifting from ‘not so bothered’ to ‘essential must have’ in efforts to boost health, immunity and mindset which have all been impacted by the pandemic.

MUMANU is a brand all about love, kindness and connection. We want to ensure that everyone in the Mumanu community is looking after themselves as we all journey through global shifts and life stresses. Prioritising our health and wellbeing is more important now than ever before, always remember to take a step back, unwind and breathe.

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