How To Combine Luxury & Sustainability in Your Massage Business

With the climate emergency upon us, we need to look at all areas of life and business to see how we can be more sustainable. Massage therapy is where people go to feel better about themselves and so, bringing sustainability into your business will help draw clients in and give them even more to feel good about. Discover our top recommendations for getting your business in line with sustainability, ethics and the most luxurious experience for your clients.

"Now, as we enter an age of increased demand for transparency, it is time for more conscious supply chain practice to become the norm across our industry. The British Beauty Council’s Courage to Change Report found that 88% of consumers want brands to do more to help them make a difference. So, we must give them the tools to do so."

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Organic farming is a system – governed by legal standards, and regularly and independently inspected – that produces ingredients in ways that benefit people, animals, wildlife, society and the natural world. No other defined system of farming and food production comes close to delivering such a breadth of benefits. With attitudes shifting towards more planet centric thinking, the time is now for the massage industry to harness this momentum and work together to promote a clear message.

Organic farming is leading the way on sustainability.
Organic farms help combat climate change.
Organic is better for wildlife.
Organic standards prohibit the use of toxic substances.
The Soil Association has the highest standards for animal welfare in the UK.
Wherever you see the Soil Association organic symbol, you can be sure that the product has been produced to the highest standards.
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Did you know? There are currently no regulations in the beauty industry for the use of the word ‘organic’. This means a product can have just 1% organic ingredients and still claim organic on their labelling. Only products that are certified organic give you the reassurance that what you are buying has met strict organic standards throughout the supply chain.

"Sustainability information is 3x more important to consumers than social proof or reviews when buying beauty and personal care products"

"Nine out of ten shoppers believe sustainable and ethical considerations are important when making a beauty or wellbeing purchase and 46% place nature and animal welfare considerations, including organic, as very important."


By switching some of your beauty staples and choosing products with the FAIRTRADE Mark you can choose a better world in which farmers and workers behind some of your favourite Fairtrade ingredients can access better prices and the Fairtrade Premium to invest in their communities and businesses.


Fairtrade farmers also have access to education and support in their businesses to help protect them against and combat climate change.  By choosing Fairtrade, consumers are helping to support biodiversity and environmentally friendly farming, and helping farmers adapt to and mitigate against the effects of climate change. 

To find out more go to

Why choose Fairtrade beauty?

Consumers prefer to buy the Fairtrade labelled beauty and wellness product over a non-labelled one ~ 12% (Non-labelled) vs 58% (labelled)


of people have seen the Fairtrade Mark, making it the most well known mark globally*


of people trust the Fairtrade Mark, making it the most trusted mark globally*


of people say they care about Fairtrade (Kantar, Q2, 2021)


of people actively chose Fairtrade products (Kantar, Q2, 2021)


are willing to pay slightly more to ensure producers are paid a fair price


agree that the Fairtrade label makes it easy for them to decide if a product is ethically and responsibly sourced*

*GlobeScan consumer research, 1,037 UK representative consumers, May 2021


For a five star experience, it’s time to make the switch from massage oil to massage balms. With no spills and no mess, massage balms are a quick, easy way to oil up, allowing you to keep contact with your client throughout. 

At Mumanu we have a gorgeous range of certified organic massage balms with Fairtrade ingredients. Enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter for luxuriously soft skin, they give the perfect slip without feeling greasy like some oils and balms can.

Mumanu Organic Massage Balms With Fairtrade Ingredients
Expertly blended with the highest quality essential oils, Mumanu balms are safe to use even on pregnant clients.


Why organic and Fairtrade cotton? The cotton industry uses huge amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow cotton plants, polluting local ecosystems and the water from which farmers drink. It degrades soil quality, prevents biodiversity, and forces many to labour in tough conditions without fair pay.

If you’re in need of new towels and sheets, make sure you buy certified organic and Fairtrade cotton.  We recommend Dip & Doze for the highest quality and luxury.

Dip & Doze Organic & Fairtrade Towels
Grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMO's, Dip & Doze choose each fabric with care and intention, bringing you nature’s most sustainable and most beautiful.


Protect the rivers, oceans and your own health by only using certified organic laundry and cleaning products. 

We recommend Greenscents as they are the only company offering Soil Association certified organic laundry liquid. They come in various scents, including unscented. All their products are fab! We’ve been using them for years. 


With plastic free packaging, Bentley’s certified organic soap is a big, long lasting bar. Unlike many other soaps, it doesn’t go mushy and keeps on giving right until the end. We’ve also found them non-irritating. Bentley do offer pump bottle liquid soaps, but we’ve not tried those yet. We prefer the plastic free, zero waste aspect of bars.


Paper packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic, glass or aluminium. It’s renewable and recyclable and uses less energy to process. However, not all paper is produced with the same integrity or sustainability credentials.

The FSC “check tree” label can be found on millions of products and stands alone as the most trusted mark for responsible forestry. Recognized by 56% of consumers worldwide, it verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer.

Trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time. Forests with irreplaceable values, such as old-growth forests, are identified and maintained. Reversing deforestation and maintaining irreplaceable forests are crucial to fighting climate change. 

Plant and animal species are protected.

All workers are provided with proper training, adequate safety protocols, and fair wages.

Local communities living in and around forest areas are consulted, and their legal and cultural rights to land and forest resources are respected.

Responsibly sourced product packaging


Dry your hands hygienically and ethically with FSC certified paper towels. Not all hand towels are made from ethically sourced paper so do shop around.

We recommend Scott FSC certified Multi-Fold Paper Towels. They do the job nicely.


If you prefer using paper couch roll instead of just towels, it’s important to remember how the paper was sourced. 

Lucart EcoNatural 2 ply couch rolls are wider and longer than average couch rolls. Made from 100% recycled drinks cartons and provide high quality, recycled paper free from bleaches and dyes.


For a lasting memory and the most luxurious finishing touch, end your massages with a glass of water and a piece of ethical chocolate. Present them beautifully together on a small plate or dish and add a touch of class with a dried lavender stem.

We recommend Chocolate and Love’s certified organic, and fully traceable, Fairtrade napolitains. Utter bliss!


By advertising yourself as using certified organic and ethically sourced supplies, you are putting yourself in a unique position. Your clients are willing to pay a bit extra to cover the costs of ethically sourced goods and will appreciate the transparency. Today, more than ever, we need all businesses to come together to make positive changes for a sustainable future.

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks is the founder and managing director of Mumanu Ltd. She’s a massage therapist with over two decades experience and is an advanced specialist in pregnancy, labour & postnatal massage. Samantha has designed Mumanu organic massage and body balms specially for professional or home use to give you a seamless massage experience.

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